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reetings earthlings!

Here I am at FIB 04 with my good friend tenny laurason, and the party`s jumpin!


Things kicked off last night at the Fibstart, and we started to think this year is for the golden oldies... would have been a perfect pressie for grandpa! We think the application form to play here this year must have stated: grey hair essential. Baldie Aldo Linares began the evening of pre-FIB fun, usually held in the Velódromo en Benicàssim town but for the first year taking place on the big-name Escenario Verde. He played a very quick set, lively enough to get the crowds moving, followed on stage by The Sunday Drivers, who tenny and I found very attractive indeed(Think Jesus Christ crossed with Lenny Kravitz,before he got his hands on Nicole´s hair straighteners!).

The Toledo boys seemed to be younger than the other acts(maybe they know someone high enough up the FIB ladder to bypass the grey hair clause) and played some great folkey-indie-rock that would be ideal for a road trip across the Grand Canyon, with your best girlfriends. After slagging off some old geezer called Tim Booth, for stealing a load of James hits, we realised he was James himself, embarking on a solo venture by singing the most depressing and sleep inducing songs he knew.

Irish indie veterans Ash rocked the stage with old hits and songs from their new album, although the lyrics were hard to decipher at all times, we wondered if they perhaps were singing in Gaelic?!

We tried our best to like Fangoria, but despite watching the whole set, gold-pleather-clad Alaska failed to excite us. Far too Eurovision for me I´m afraid. The best bit of the whole evening was when Felix Da Housecat FINALLY graced the stage with his (rather enormous) presence at 4am.

It was just what we were waiting for after Fangoria´s frankly awful wailing and electro-crap and as always Felix got us shaking our booties in the middle of the crowd. When we crawled into bed late this morning we knew we were in for a fantastic 5 days.


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