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Castellón de la Plana celebrates the founding of the city in a series of festivities From 10th to 18th March 2012 dedicated to La Magdalena or Mary Magdalene. Don't miss out on the events that open these moving and joyful celebrations. More details of 2012 to come but the timetable will be much the same as 2011 (below) and there will be great fireworks


On Saturday 06th March there is the official proclamation of festivities and the colourful Cabalgata del Pregó parade; and on Sunday 07th, there is a pilgrimage to the chapel of La Magdalena, known as the Romeria de les Canyes, which is one of the most important historical, cultural, anthropological and festive manifestations in Castellón de la Plana. It is also the origin of La Magdalena celebrations, which commemorate the founding of the city.

Every year, on the third Sunday of Lent, which this year falls on 07th March, the Romeria de les Canyes sets off from the Town Hall led by political, ecclesiastical and festive authorities, and heads towards el Caminàs, an ancient pre-Roman road, which will take them to the chapel of St Mary Magdalene. There, as tradition dictates, the ancient Gotjos de la Santa chants will be performed. On the afternoon of Sunday 07th, there will also be a procession known as the Gaiatas.

PROGRAM 2011- Click on the poster left for full details and programme

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