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ANDY - You’re renowned for pretty spectacular visuals at your live show, do you have anything impressive planned for the F1Rocks audience?
DAVID - I always come with my robots and they’re definitely going to be speaking to the drivers and the teams. And I’m going to have a big LED 3D system, which is really crazy. I have a new show now and this will be the first time I’m going to perform it in Spain so it’s pretty exciting.

ANDY - You’ve just reached 20 million friends of facebook. How does one go about becoming so popular?
DAVID - It’s really extraordinary you know. I come from a culture that before was not over-ground. I was always raised in the spirit of creating a strong community. It was about the clubbers, the flyers. So in a way it’s just keeping that same culture. 

ANDY - You rush released the single, ‘Where Them Girls At’, following the leaking of an unfinished version of the track onto the Internet. Was your sizable online fanbase instrumental in the immediate success of the track?
DAVID - I was really impressed with what happened with ‘Where Them Girls At’. A hacker stole an acapella version of the track, so we had to release the record before we were supposed to. The video was not ready, we didn’t have any radio play, and just out of the community we managed to be number one in 12 countries, and that shows something really, really important on how the music market is changing. Just with the online communication – without the record company, without the radio, without the video – we were able to make a number one record. That’s a revolution.

 ANDY - Is it true that you have hired specialists from the Pentagon to stop such leaks happening in the future?
DAVID - Yeah, we’re speaking with this guy who used to work with the security of the Pentagon. It’s really crazy but it’s true. He is trying to help us. The worse parts is not that some people get my music for free, the problem is when those hackers take songs, or parts of songs, that are not even finished. That makes me really mad. 

ANDY - In Spain a law is currently being debated to shut down download websites, would you back such a law?
DAVID - It sounds crazy to me. You cannot fight the future.

ANDY - The F1 Rocks show is taking place in Valencia’s Agora, a venue that very rarely hosts such concerts - plus, you’ve also converted an airliner into a nightclub - is there anywhere else unusual that you’ve played and anywhere unusual that you would like to play?
DAVID - I think one of the strangest places I’ve played at is the carnival in Brazil, playing to 2 million people in the streets. People that were not usually into electronic music, they’re more into their local music, were dancing and going nuts. And another extreme was playing with Fatboy Slim on Brighton Beach a couple of years ago on the 1st of January. It was raining, it was freezing cold, but people were dancing with their feet in the sea. Those Brighton people are the hardest party people on the planet. 

Also, I want to play in space. I’m preparing my album now and it’s actually a double album. One album is all this huge urban dance music and the other album is only electronic, no vocals. I call it alien music because it’s really, really, really crazy. And it would be great to play alien music to aliens, so I need to go to space.

ANDY - What can your fans expect from your forthcoming album and which artists have you collaborated with this time round?
DAVID - It’s a double album. One album is more pop with beats on, with the most talented urban artists on the planet [including] Flo Rida, Nicky Minaj, Taio Cruz, Ludacris, Snoop, Usher and Chris Brown. And CD2 is only electronic beats.
The title will probably be ‘Nothing But The Beat’ and it’s out on August 29th.

ANDY - If you were an F1 driver, which of your big name collaborators would you want
in the pit lane and why?

DAVID - I would take Afrojack and cause I know they both love fast cars. took me in his car, which is a super-fast electric vehicle. It’s like a race-car. They would be two good partners definitely.

ANDY - With so many parties, concerts and recording commitments, what do you do to relax?
DAVID - I don’t really do anything but making beats. It’s my hobby. I know it sounds crazy, because people think it’s my work, but I never work, because this is what I love to do. I don’t really watch TV or anything you know. It’s all music, all of the time, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.

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