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Being the last night, we were a bit down this afternoon - it was nearly all over! But we oh-so-happily got on our Orange Bikes (you can't even begin to imagine the satisfaction of overtaking all those cars in permanent FIB-induced gridlock and freewheeling up to the festival gates. Bliss.) with sandwiches in bags and cycled uphill again to get to the site in time for Madness. And we didn't get lost!

'This is just like being in my living room, we've just watched Eastenders and now I'm off to make a cup of tea!', claimed a slightly podgy but still endearingly good looking Suggs, and just before breaking into It Must Be Love, he shouted, ''This is one for you to stick on your fridge!''... Err, okay Suggs, we'll keep that in mind. With our festival-crowd-pleaser-judge hats on, we awarded 10 out of 10 to Madness for a well-rounded set - House Of Fun, One Step Beyond, Baggy Trousers and Spanish peeps' fave Our House- they were all there and generated a sea of smiles spreading out a big wave of love. Sigh. Okay, you can tell it's our last night here!

From Madness to We Are Scientists (I was very tempted by an "I Are Scientists" tee in the FIBshop but Lolita said I would never be able to wear it because I would constantly be explaining it to everyone and anyone). We stood next to some die-hard Scientists fans, two very cool skinny boys with trendy beards, neckties, tight trews and severely scuffed Converse who became our dancing partners for half an hour as we jiggled to the punk-rock indie vibes coming out of the Vodafone FIB Club tent, until we bade farewell to our pals and shimmied over to the Escenario Electronico for some coldcuts from Coldcut, but thought it was probably time we headed back to the Green Stage for another excellent set from Depeche Mode. And about time it was too - we had to elbow our way through the Depeche T-Shirt clad, heavily made-up with enough black kohl eyeliner to make the heaviest goths gasp in shock, raven-haired crowd, sticking together at the front of the field. Though not down the front of the stage - after yesterdays Pixies debacle, an extra area has been barriered off, big enough to prevent you, the average Fiber, smelling the sweat of your fave rocker from up close, and with exclusive entry for those wearing an Artist/VIP pass.

Dave Gahan was on great form, dressed in tight leather pants and matching waistcoat, with his smooth, bare, tattoed chest rippling underneath, it's not hard to see why he's still quite the heartthrob, and him and after Precious, Enjoy The Silence, and TIV favourite, Personal Jesus, we join in in song to wish Martin Gore a Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You... A rather moving moment!

As the fans are already in place for Placebo, we deem it impossible to get over the other side of the festival for a bit of Herbert Herbert and stay put on the press stand. Brian Molko is in such a good festie mood we even enjoy the songs we don't know, but Every Me Every You has to be our highlight, having us out of our seats and shouting along with the absolutely-packed Green Stage area - we would be in a good mood too if that turnout was all for us!

We saunter back into the Press Tent and a drunken stranger with a VIP bracelet drapes his arms (with hands full of Cava bottles) around our shoulders and ushers us through to backstage, where we are promptly abandoned next to the pool and left to dissolve into giggles, not quite believing we are where we are. The infamous pool backstage - subject of much raving and adoration from, well, all artists to play at FIB, and we're standing right next to it ! We wander around feeling important for a while, surprised no'one's caught us out and not quite sure what just happened there, until we spot the Silent Disco - something we haven't had time to try out on the main festival site. We each don a pair of headphones and join a small, very smiley crowd all getting on down in a small fenced off area ... in silence! The music is retro and so much fun to boogie to, and Lolita and I get right into the groove, laughing at ourselves but also thinking we are pretty cool.

We left backstage - we felt like naughty schoolgirls bunking off lessons just being in there! - and have just watched The Rakes, who made us laugh when thanking Depeche Mode and Placebo for supporting them on their tour -"One day you'll get to where we are, lads".
And that's it! FIB is nearly all over for another year, and we would be in tears were it not for the idea of tomorrow night's beach party... Queens of Noize and Miss Kittin beckon...

We love you, even though most of you fibers are probably really stinky by now after a week of minimal personal hygiene, see you en la playa!

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