Welcome to our
brand new department!

With over 10 years experience in the estate agency, relocation service business we thought it was time to share our experience with you and offer this new service from thisisvalencia.com.
Flats for sale and to rent in and around this wonderful city of Valencia.

We have a rapidly growing list of properties on our books and which over the next few days and weeks will appear on the site - lovely flats and apartments in all areas and all prices. But don't worry if you can't find a property you really like the look of, essentially we are offering a property finding service, so you send us details of what you are looking for and we will find it - for sale or to rent. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and efficiently find just what you are looking for, to be able to take you to the property you seek and not to waste your valuable time looking at things you have no interest in.

Our knowledge of the city, as you will have seen from the rest of this information packed site, is second to none, and having lived here for many years, we know all the joys and the pitfalls of buying a property here.

And our service doesn't stop at the sale! We are here to help you with all manner of services, most are included in our commission. We change the services to your name, we can recommend lawyers, translation services and take the mystery (and some of the problems) out of moving in to your new surroundings. We can also help you find builders and architects, plumbers, carpenters.

Our charges are simple and very straightforward.

We work mainly with the vendor and always ask that they give us their lowest price, we charge them nothing to market their property and add nothing to their quoted price. We only charge you, the buyer/renter. For purchases we charge you a flat 3% of the final purchase price, and for rentals we make a charge equal to one month's rent. No sale No fee.

If, by any chance, we need to work with an agent on your behalf (on your instruction) we will endeavour to get the best price and commission rate possible for you.

Flats at thisisvalencia.com - making the move and life easier for you.


We are currently uploading all our flats and now houses..
So just let us know what you are looking for and we will send you details of what we have to offer you by emailing us
here or, if you have a browser-based email account (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc.) email us at flats@thisisvalencia.com.

What we need to know:
Whether you want to Buy or to rent
It would help us greatly if you could provide as much detail as possible.

Minimum size.
Minimum number of bedrooms.
Preferred area, i.e. central Valencia, beach, village or town.
Maximum Budget.
Special requirements.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

the gran vias A great selection
of flats for Beach Flats
coast around valencia Towns & Villages
around valencia Further Out
but still close to Poblats Maritims
around the beach & Arrancapins/Patraix
further on out, still close Botanico/Extramurs Avenida Francia
towards the port Centro Historico
the heart of the Monte Olivete
near city of arts Ruzafa
an area on the rise item2b Towns & Villages
around valencia