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There are said to be more bars in the Valencian Comunidad than in the rest of Europe put together. Whilst this may not be entirely accurate, (!) there are a heck of a lot. Wherever you look there is a bar, bodega, cafe or cerveceria all waiting to serve you anything from an espresso to a full meal. This list is not, by any means, a full list of Valencia's bars, it's more of a taster, to whet your appetite, or thirst, as it were...

Let's start with the


Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Cafetería Rialto
· Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Open all day and every day Lovely bar in the Ivac filmoteca. An Art deco stage dominates the room and there are settees and easy chairs as well as tables. They serve good snacks and a great lunch. We've had a pretty good and inexpensive Gin&Tonic sitting amidst the ladies who lunch that frequent this bar. .

Moon Bar · C/ Musico Peydro, 39 tel:647204574

Starbucks · C/ San Vicente, 44 and Marques del Túria The Spanish make such great coffee that it is hard to understand why this chain is such a success even here.

The Bar · Pl. Mariano Benlliure, 4 tel: 96 351 97 38

Zona San Vicente
Café Lorquiano
C/Alzira, 12

Zona Canovas
5 Sensi Café
· C/ Burriana, 35 tel: 96 350 47 96

Don Bernardo · Conde Altea, 20 tel: 96 163 144 Extremely grand and plush café and cocktail bar.

Zumeria Zum Zum · Conde Altea, 39 tel: 96 395 25 10 Juices galore as well as a large arrayalcoholic beverages here

Zona Rio del Turia
Quiosco Rio Turia · Paseo Alameda s/n
There are a host of bars with terraces amid the trees along The Alameda, the beautiful tree-lined avenue across the river - this one is one of the best known. great place to sit when there are fireworks - but get there early for this - it's a well-known trick

Zona El Carmen
Al Pans Queso · 3 C/ Serranos, 19 Tel: 615 979 484
Absolutely minute bar (seats 6 at most) but luckily has a nice terrace on this quiet historic street leading up to the presidential palace from the Torres de Serranos . Great coffee and little cheese filled breads

Ártico : C/ Arolas, 11 Tel. 96 391 08 57 Long ,large and attractive bar, good food and ice creams and friendly service

Bar Azahar · C/ Tejedores, 8 Movil: 679 560 507

Bar Negrita · Pl. del Negrito Nice little bar, shares the terrace with the much more famous Bar del Negrito

Café Bahiano · C/ Calatrava, 12 This popular Brazilian bar has a carnival feeling at weekends - great fun for everyone.

Café de las Horas · Conde Almodóvar Tel: 96 391 7336 One of the best known bars in the city - Baroque and over-the-top interior. Excellent staff and a great owner, Marc, who presides over all the fun, which includes themed nights, intercambio, cocktail night, you name it, it will happpen here! Eclectic with an eclectic crowd to match.Say hello from us!

Café Infanta · Plaza del Tossal, 3 Tel: 96 392 1623 This is a lovely bar, a worren ofi interconnecting rooms, always reminds me of a Parisian Bar. Very lively at the weekends.

Café Lisboa · Plaza Del Dr Collado, 9 Tel. 96 391 94 84 Opens at 9am and all day until late. Another favourite of the arty Carmen set. It has a ovely terrace with shade from a huge tree when it's too hot for the sun.

Caféteria Madrid · Abadia San Martin, 10 Refurbished a couple of years ago and a lot more elegant than it used to be, it is said that this is where Aqua de Valencia, a lethal mix of Cava, Orange juice and some assorted liquors.I went with a friend the first time about 15 years ago when it was a grubby little bar and realised the potency of the drink just by looking around at the red face, glassy eyed cusomers swaying drunkenly at each table in front of their half drunk Jugs of the stuff. Still the best, most potent Aqua in town!.

Café Museu · C/ Museu, 7 Tel: 96 393 3108 Opposite the IVAM Convento del Carme Gallery in a quite almost pedestrianised street. Nice place to have a late 'café y tostadas' breakfast on a Sunday morning befor visiting the museums, which are all free on Sunday.

Café del Negrito · Pl. Negrito Tel. 96 391 4233 The stuff of legends! It's been a favourite haunt of the bohemian and arty set since the 70's. Large crowded terrace it shares with other bars and inside it is all pop art.

Café Tertulia 1900 · C/Alta 4

Cafétin · Plaza San Jaime, 3 This bar has been around since the days when this part of the barrio was particularly seedy and dangerous and in its own words 'is a small and intimate bar, home to friends, encouraging the unknown and extinguished hopes and refuge of eccentrics. There is a poem written all those years ago on the door of the tinyloo and preserved today.

Cubanito Lounge · C/ Murillo, 31 Tel: 666697431

Café Del Mar · Plaza Lope de Vega, 4 Tel: 96 3922 558 More like a beach bar in the middle of the city - this bar has a large terrace and serves well-priced drinks and snacks

El Café de L’Abad · C/ Alta, 21

El Dorita · Sant Dionis, 1 Tel: 96 3 924140 Mundo Patata - they serve potato dishes and drinks on this nice terrace.

El Labatorio & El Labatorio 2 · Plaza Cors de la Mare de Deu 3 (Plaza de la Virgen) Tel: 96 392 61 93
This is another thisisvalencia favourite. Owned by Marc of Café de las Horas and impeccably run by Ricarda. This has to be one of the best deals in town - free tapas with drinks all night! And the drinks and cocktails are reasonably priced, actually, they're cheap. and there's always a nice international crowd. This is where we have our meet ups befor our famous tours!

El Sur · C/ Caballeros, 12

Felino · C/ Calabazas

Girasol · C/ Turia Movil: 650 245 563

Gran Caffé Italiano · C/ Corregeria, 38

Horchateria Santa Catalina · Plaza Santa Catalina 6, Tel: 963 912 379. Nothing has changed here since the last century. the decoration is of Manises tiles. Horchata is the traditional soft drink of Valencia best served icey cold and with sticky buns called fartons to dunk - this and the horcateria across the road are two of Valencia's oldest.

Horchateria El Siglo · Pl. Santa Cantalina, 11 Tel: 96 391 84 66

John Silver ·Alta, 8

Juanita Club · C/ Lepanto, 8

La Bodegueta · C/ Caballeros, 10

La Cava del Negret ·C/Calatrava,15 Tel: 96 392 3301

La Comedia · C/ Calatrava, 19

La Lluna Roja · C/ Alta, 30 · m: 617728441

Pepita Pulgarcita · C/ Caballeros, 19

Mata Hari ( La Casa del Te) · C/ Portal de Valldigna, 9

Nepo · C/ Pintor Domingo, 7

Oliver Hardy · Palau, 15(Plaza Napoles y Sicillia) Tel: 96 3 911 570

Picapiedra · Caballeros 25

QArt! · Guillem de Castro,80 Tel: 96 391 61 65

Santa Compania · C/ Roteros, 21 Tel: 96 392 2259

Sol i Lluna · Calle del Mar, 29 96 392 2216

St Jaime · C/Caballeros, 51 Tel. 96 391 2401

Taverna Cavallers · C/Caballeros, 23 Tel: 96 3 91 25 16

The Lounge Cafe-Bar · Estameñeria Vieja 2 (behind La Lonja) Tel. 963918094

The New Orleáns Coffee & Tea Company · C/ Bolseria 20

Xino Xano · Calle Alta 28

Zapping · Placa del Marques del Busianes,4

Zumeria Naturalia C/ Mar 12 Tel: 96 391 12 11

Zona Juan lloréns
Tango y Truco · C/ Calixto III, 10 Tel: 96 385 18 37

Zona Russafa
Food · Reino de Valencia, 48 b Tel: 963 286 215

Gondwana · C/ Carlos Cervera, 15

Sinpy Jo’s · C/ Cadiz, 43 Tel. 670904294

Tula · C/ Cadiz, 62

Zona Alameda
El Llebeig Café · Paseo Alameda, 6 Tel: 96 360 78 60

Zona Plaza Xuquer
Rocafull Cafe · Plaza Xuquer,14

Zona Plaza Cedro
Tornillo · C/Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 5527

Zona Plaza Honduras
Bar Rock Kracken · Plaza Honduras, 37

Café de Las Letras · Plaza Honduras, 37b

Zona Plaza Benimaclet
Tam Tam · Emilio Baro, 20


Plaza Ayuntamiento
The Guinness House · Pl. Patriarca, 6

Zona El Carmen
Finnegan’s · Pl. de la Reina Tel: 96 391 0503 This is one of the two best known Irish pubs in the city - right in the heart of the city and a great meeting point for expats from all over. Especially when there's a big footy or rugby match

Murrayfield · C/ Bolseria 19

O’Hara’s · C/Danzas, 5 Small Irish pub in a narrow street Behind La Lonja

Sherlock Holmes · Plaza Manises 3 Tel. 96 391 8342 Huge selection of beers from all over the world. Live music and events such as singles nights here. expect to rub shoulders with government people as it i s opposite the presidential palace, Valencia's seat of Government.

Zona Canovas
St Patrick’s · Gran Via, 69 Tel: 96 351 36 42 This is the other best known Irish pub in the city - on the leafy Gran via Marques del turia, close to the river. Another great meeting point for expats from all over. Especially when there's a big footy or rugby match. They also have regular quiz nights etc.

Barrio Cinco · C/ Ciscar, 46 tel: 96 320 5353

Zona Avenida Aragón
Manolo el del Bombo · Plaza Valencia Club de Fútbol, 5 Tel: 96 930 460

Sally O’Brien · Av. Aragon, 8 Tel: 96 37 68 67

Zona Plaza Xuquer
Max Max · Vinalopó, 11 Pl. Xúquer Tel: 96 362 68 67

Out of town
The Dragon ( Bar Internacional) C/ Virgen de Pilar, 12 L’Eliana

The Cliffs · C/Begoña, 2 L'Eliana Tel: 96 274 2787 Though the population of this attractive town north of Valencia is very international this bar is frequented more by locals . It's a great bar and the staff are friendly.

The Dubliner · Avda de la Paz 17. Riba-Roja del Turia tel: 96 277 1529 An authentic Irish bar outside of the city with lots of live music on a regular basis.

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