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nightlifeNightlife in the city of Valencia
The city is renowned throughout Spain for its vibrant nightlife. In the 70's and 80's clubbers would come from all over the country to experience the 'Bacalau' partying from friday night to monday morning without a break!
Now, with the advent of the EU, its a little less frenetic, but only a little! New liscensing laws have made it less of an all night experience in all areas but the Valencians still start the evening around midnight-one o'clock by meeting up in bars and terrazas all over the city and them moving on to the big clubs for the bottellon (drinking in the carpark) before entering the clubs at around 2.30 to 3am, dancing the night away and then moving on to a café or chillout bar for breakfast.

There are several key clubbing and chillout areas in and around the city. Here are the main ones.

Barrio del Carmen
The historic centre of the city is a maze of little streets full of small boutiques, restaurants, bars and shops by day. At night it becomes a thriving hotspot. Bars and clubs cheek by jowl, vie for your attention. Calle Caballeros is at the heart of all this hustle and bustle. But take a walk down any of the little side streets and you'll stumble on some great chillout bars and small clubs.

At the river end of Gran Via Marques del Turía is the Plaza Canova. the streets surrounding this area are packed at night until the early hours of the morning with partygoers milling from one bar/club to another before moving on to one of the bigger out of town clubs

Aragon/Polo i Peyrolon
Over the river towards the university is Avenida Aragon, to the left is the Mestalla, Valencia Football Club's home ground, on all down the right of the Avenida there are streets with clubs restaurants an bars - all the way to the area known as Polo i Peyrolon

Malvarrosa/Port America's Cup
Valencia's beach is right next to the port. The seafront is made up of excellent bars and restaurants. Just back from here you'll find clubs and now with the impending America's Cup, they are being upgraded and this area is fast becoming the new place to be!
The actual port area is also now filled with great restaurants, chillout bars and clubs. It's all very cool and smart.

Heron City
Out of town on the CV35 to Lliria and Ademuz is a leisure complex, Heron City. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, fitness centre, Bowling alley and a club called Guru.


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