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Thisis... the Ultimate Valencia Shopping Guide

Valencia is fantastic for shopping, whether you’re searching for designer chic, high street bargains or one-offs from little boutiques.

La Calle Colón (Christopher Columbus Street) should be your first stop. Begin at La Plaza de Toros (the bullring), and work your way along this wide, bustling, street. You will find 5 Zaras, 2 Mangos, 2 Cortefiels, Blanco, 3 El Corte Inglés’, underwear stores Oysho and Women’Secret, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti for great smart workwear, Promod and many more. Essential casual menswear stores along Colón include Springfield and Pull & Bear, but ultra elegant Spanish designers Purificación García, Adolfo Dominguez and Armand Basi are also a must, and most of these also do fab Ladies’ clothes too, so not all is lost! Emporio Armani is here too! As you reach the other end of Colón, the whole area either side of the road is riddled with great stores, whether it’s Furla, Accesori, MiSako, and all the shoe shops on La Calle Jorge Juan, for accessories, bags and footwear. If it's home furnishings you want, Artikel, Bañon, La Oca. Zara Home and La Galería Jorge Juan, you will, there is no doubt, find what you need.

A must see is the Mercado de Colón, also on Jorge Juan. A recently restored early 20th Century Modernist building, this beautiful marketplace is a lovely place to take a mid-morning break and have a Cappuccino de Verano – a real treat. After you’ve finished on Colón, head out through the back door of El Corte Inglés into La Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo, a lovely leafy square with the most fascinating trees in Valencia. Just to the left is the official Valencia Club de Fútbol Shop for all sports fans who may want to take home a V.C.F. shirt!

Walk through the Plaza and you get to the bottom of La Calle de la Paz. There are various sports shops along this very pretty road, including the Quiksilver store, and also some great gift and home stores - Ale Hop is especially great fun. When you reach the new Carolina Herrera store, you are where Designer Store Heaven begins. Turn left along La Calle Poeta Querol for Valencia's Golden Mile, Hermès, Loewe man, Loewe woman, Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Roberto Cavalli, with Alex Vidal not far away. If you head to the right at the end of Poeta Querol, up La Calle de las Barcas, you come out into La Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Town Hall Square. Apart from being a vital visit in the guidebooks, this funny shaped square has some really great boutiques for men and women. For Dolce & Gabbana, Armand Basi, Donna Karan, Bill Tornade, Helmunt Lang, Armani Jeans, Calvin Klein, Evisu, Chevignon, Jean Coloma, and Dirk Bikenberg´s, Miss Sixty, Energie, and Fornarina, Lucio (menswear), Cool*, Para La Cubana, and Kawaleon (also a trendy café with internet access) are great little all-purpose stores with individual pieces for the über trendy. As you walk through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, you will find La Calle San Vicente running across the top of the square. Turn to the left and you will find jewelry and smart clothes shopsand around here will find yourself in front of Sofoko for really funky t-shirts at really low prices. They also sell some accessories by Refresh* (the actual shop is in Calle Cadiz,17, nº10). All around this area, round the old Mercado Central (Central Market), are several kooky skate and alternative shops, selling surf and skatewear and handmade jewelry/bags/bongs/piercings etc, Malasaña, La Pulga and Ghetto are three important stops round this area.

Carry on up La Plaza del Mercado and right up Bolsería, you are now in El Barrio del Carmen. On Bolsería and then left at the end into La Plaza del Tossal and La Calle Quart there are some really fab fashion forward shops, from Custo Barcelona, Komomolo, The Place and Sunset to Modern Look Industries and the Sixty Nine Shop, there is no way you won’t find something you like, but be prepared for some fairly hefty pricetags. Have an explore around this area, the true little gems are well hidden, but you’ll be glad you had a root around. And you’re probably absolutely exhausted after all that shopping so stay around for a meal, the Carmen is full of excellent eateries.


An attractive new shopping and eating complex in Benimaclet, just by the Levante Footbal Club Stadium.
C/ Santa Genoveva Torres, 19 46019
Phone: 96 368 9878

A smart shopping and eating complex directly opposite the newest El Corte Inglés,
down by the City of Arts & Sciences.
Menorca, 19 (off Av. Francia)  46023 Valencia
Phone 96 330 8429

On the Madrid motorway a few Kms out of the city, allegedly one of the biggest shopping centres in Spain. Primark are rumoured to be opening their first Valencia branch here. Al Campo (Auchan in France) dominates this one. There is also Worten for Computer, digital and Hifi freaks. More fashion and interior shops, restaurants, Cinemas. Sports shops, and An Outlet section - a little word of warning - this place can be very smelly on certain days. People tell me it's either sewage works or pigs, no one is too sure
Ctra.N- III Km.345 (exit 345 Aldaia-Torrent), 46960 Aldaia
Phone 96 157 9224

Actually HiperCor - a huge version of El Corte Ingles, strangely laid out as a multi-floor supermarket of everything you can buy in a department store.
Avda. Pío XII, 51, 46015 Valencia
Phone 96 346 9000

A very attractive shopping, cinemas, food centre with a Carrefour. Opposite the City of Arts and Sciences
Autopista de El Saler, 16, 46013 Valencia
Phone 96 395 7012

Dominated by a huge Carrefour, cinemas and lots of shops
Plaza Europa, s/n, 46950 Xirivella (Valencia)
Phone 96 350 3222

Over 300 shops selling just about everything - including a branch of Mercadona, the supermarket, and two more branches of El Corte Inglés, and an El Corte Inglés glass pyramid selling books, dvds and stationery.
Avda. Pío XII, 2, 4 y 6, 46009 Valencia
Phone 96 347 1642

The future of this shopping complex, just up the road from the enormously successful Nuevo Centro and close to a large Carrefour, is very uncertain. A small fortune was spent on refurbishing it as Fuencarral, a version of the trendy and popular namesake in Madrid. UGC Ciné Cité had the top two floors. But the complex was ailing as a centre of design, so it was rebranded Mercado de Campanar, soon after which the cinema went dark and the shops, restaurnats and bars started to close. Yelmo Cinemas have since re-opened the cinemas and are making great play of not only the fact that it is all digital but that they show Original Version films and Opera live from New York's Met. There is now almost nothing else there. Very sad and it should have worked, but we wait and see.
Tirso de Molina, 16. 46015
Phone 96 317 3640

It's hard to imagine a Spain without this chain, Almost a monopol, it is certainly an institution.Apart from the department stores, there are SuperCors (supermarkets) OpenCors (open-all-hours convenience stores) , Travel Agencies and Estate Agencies, and TeleCor, the communications devision. There are eight branches of the Department store alone in the city. Each of the department stores has a supermarket and, on the top floor, Cafeteria and Restaurant. This branch is the home, electrics, books, ironmongery branch of this Massive chain
Colón, 27, 46004 Valencia
Phone 34 96 315 9500

The fashion branch of this Massive Spanish Chain
Pintor Sorolla, 26, 46002 Valencia
Phone 96 315 9500

The Young Fashion Branch
Colón,1, 46004 Valencia
Phone 96 315 9500

Menéndez Pidal, 15;  46009 Valencia
Phone 96 317 5700

Two branches selling everything of this Massive Spanish Chain - Part of Nuevo Centro

Pío XII, 51 46015 Valencia
Phone 96 346 9000

The newest and largest branch in the city, all glass and very stylish - opposite Aqua Multiespacio,

Pintor Maella, 37 (Avda. de Francia) 46028  Valencia
hone 96 335 0500

No Longer just a centro comercial, it's now a Ciudad Comercial, and is spreading at a pac - it will soon link L'Eliana and La Poba! Planet Carrefour, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, car repair centres and shops.It now also boasts Spain's biggest sex shop!
Autovía Valencia-Liria, Exits 12 or 13, 46183 L'Eliana
Phone 96 275 0695

Mainly fashion, and an interior shop.
D. Juan de Austria 4, 46002 Valencia
Phone 96 351 2 333

More of an entertainment centre, though there are some shops. Cinema Complex, Health Club, Bowling Alley, Discotheque Guru, and tons of bars and restaurants.
Autovía Valencia-Liria, Exits 6 or 7, 46980 Paterna (Valencia)
Phone 96 316 0298

Small and upmarket shopping centre between Colón and Gran Via Marques del Turía, just by the beautiful Mercado de Colón
Jorge Juan 21,  46004 Valencia
Phone 96 352 4966

Shopping/food/cinema centre in the sprawling shopping city just off the A7 towards Alicante. It is surrounded by hipermarkets and superstores of every description - from Lidl to MediaMarkt, from Carrefour to Sofa King - and fast food restaurants, always reminds us of the strip malls in USA
Nacional 332 (Pista de Silla) Exit Sedaví Alfafar. Avda Alcalde José Puertes s/n 46910 Alfafar
Phone 96 318 2580

Start your day either as early as possible, bearing in mind most shops open at 10 a.m., and hit the big chain stores between 2 and 5p.m. when everyone else is having lunch or siesta-ing, to avoid the crowds. However, smaller shops do close at these times so take this into account when planning your day.

In the heat of June and July you might even like to head out to a shopping centre (centro comercial), to stay in the cool of the Air Con and see all shops under one roof, though obviously you won’t get to see the incredible architecture. We recommend Centro Comercial El Saler, opposite the City of Arts and Sciences.

It is hot herein the summer! As you are shopping you tend not to realise how dehydrated you get. Make sure you stop and drink plenty of water – bottled water is cheap as chips and all over Valencia are little quioscos (kiosks) that sell everything from sweeties and chewing gum to magazines and newspapers- and of course that much-needed Agua! Look out for little green huts or little doorways filled with magazines.

As you are wandering around the town, don't forget to look up! Some of Spain's most beautiful architecture is here, and the tops of many of the buildings are adorned with turrets, towers and even dragons!

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