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Hello! is the English guide to Valencia on the web.

With the enormous increase in visitors from all over the world to Valencia, is fast becoming the number one independent site for web visitors looking for information of all kinds on the city and the area. Accommodation is high on their priorities when they are planning a visit and we field more and more online enquiries. In the past we have offered a few recommended accommodation contacts in a very small way.

We have a comprehensive and ever-improving listings section which covers restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, cinemas and theatres. 

Search on or under Valencia b and b, restaurants Valencia, clubs valencia, theatre valencia, discotheques valencia,  and we are usually in the top three hits, quite often Number one- as in restaurants, clubs, theatre. Search for a specific restaurant, bar or club in the city that's on our listings and the chances are that our site will be the first on the list too.
We have a Google ranking of 4 and rising.

We compile the monthly destination guide for Valencia for the easyjet in-flight magazine which is also published online, , linking to us and is also high on the top hits if you are searching online for restaurants and clubs. We also supply information on a regular basis to various publications around the world and regularly answer emails giving information to the general public, both english and spanish speaking, from home and abroad. 

Added to all this is the launch of our new newsletter which goes out fortnightly to an ever-growing subscriber list and our daily blog with all the latest news and pictures of the city. Both of these new incentives link back to adding new traffic every day. 

We are currently redesigning and improving the entire site. Better information and better navigation.

All this means that is a great place to advertise your business. We would love for you to be part of our success and help us show the Valencia we all know and love, by advertising with us. 

We are already high on google rankings under B and B and we feel this is the right time to especially promote this part of our site,

Our new and improved section ¨Bed for the Night¨ will include all types of accommodation, from a room in a house or flat , B and Bs, apartments, villas, chalets, up to hostels and hotels.

Our initial priority will, of course be for Valencia and the surrounding towns and villages, but we are already encouraging the whole world to join us! We intend for this section to grow and grow and to become the first stop for a ¨Bed for the night¨.

We feel sure you will want to join us!

Advertise your accommodation with us for just 100€ per year.(up to 3 letting room)

Your 100 euros will get you a brief description and two photos of your property on the listing page, linking to a dedicated page with four large photos of your property and a full description of what you offer. The visitor to this page can then email you directly with their requirements.
Please contact us for more information (

If you don't already have a site, we can also offer you your own micro-web site, 2 custom designed pages with your own address
The price? All this for 250euros the first year and 175 each subsequent year - there is no more to pay.

Once again, please contact us for more information. (

Should you be interested we can use your existing photos or are happy to visit you and take our own

Visit and you will see why you should to be part of this excellent site.

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