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The last couple of weeks have seen loads of Motor racing activity in Valencia. The Launch by Alonso and Hamilton of the Vodafone Mercedes McLaren MP4-22, a bit of a non event if you weren't one of the chosen few who were allowed access to the City of Arts and Sciences, but great on the telly! Then, following that shindig the Cheste Race Track has been hosting Formula 1 trials until the 2nd February.

This week, a map of the proposed Monte Carlo style Grand Prix circuit around Valencia Darsena (the Port) was announced, with the news that if all goes ahead as planned and agreements are reached, the first Valencia Grand Prix will take place in 2008. The President of the Comunidad Valenciana, Francisco Camps was at the World Travel Fair FITUR this week to preside over 'the day of the Valencian Community' and intimated that the race could be held 'very soon' The Socialist party are apparently against it but give no reasons to why. more here

Below is the proposed route.

Not really new news, bit We've just been looking at the winning entry for the new Valencia Football Stadium again and we think it is, well, interesting to say the least!

We think it looks like a crashed zeppelin! It looks like it should ripple in the wind. Can't imagine what it is going to do to traffic congestion in the area - but Rita Barbera seems to think there won't be any problem.

Of course, it has to be better than the old Mestalla, pictured right, which has got to be one of the ugliest Stadiums in Europe. I'm not a great fan of football and have only been there once, I sat way up the to in the Vomitorium, aptly named for someone like me with Vertigo!

more sport

March is almost upon us and already the city is gearing up for the monster bash that is Fallas. If you haven't experienced it yet, try and catch it.

At the end of January the Falleras Mayor and Infantile were crowned and exalted This Year The Fallera Mayor is Seņorita MARTA REGLERO MANGADA and the Infantile is Niņa INMACULADA ESCUDERO ASENSI. They will preside over the whole event with an exhausting schedule from now until the end of the celebrations on March 20th, it is a fantastic honour for these to young people.

Fallas is a time for fireworks, I know, it has been said that Valencia celebrates everything with fireworks, but in this next few weeks Valencia becomes firework capital of the world! From the 1st of March, every single day in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (the Town Hall Square) there is the phenomenon almost exclusive to this part of Spain , the Mascleta. At 2pm sharp each day (always on time) the noisiest display of fireworks you will ever have heard (so loud you are strongly advised to keep your mouth open to avoid damaging your eardrums!) The Mascleta is so popular that it is relayed live on television - and - wait for it! - the radio! But there is nothing like seeing it live in the Plaza - get there early, it gets packed particularly so in the last five days. The first official Mascleta of Fallas is held next Saturday at 12 o'clock midday at the Nuevo Centro to officially open the exhibition of Ninots (papier mache sculptures) which opens its doors until the beginning of March.
Much more now and in the coming weeks here

The wonderful Modern Art museum IVAM has just announced some of its major exhibitions for the year. These will include exhibitions by Andy Warhol and Keith Harring. So if you like Pop Art watch this Space.

There is an amazing new arts centre in Valencia - Octubre is a huge space with an excellent opening exhibition (a little rude) by musician and artist Carles Santos more here

The Festival Veo starts on the 14th of February. It's street performance, visual arts, theatre, music - to read our report on last year's -

Valencia's fashion week ended saturday 03 February, with daily catwalk shows from some of Valencia's top fashion designers - Anita Darling and Lolita Devine were there - the report, with lots of pics, will be here on Wednesday 07 February

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ITV showed the first of a new comedy series on Wednesday - Benidorm, starring this month partly clothed gent on the right (I know the Fireman last issue was better looking) Johnny Vegas.

We got to see it and have to say we agreed with the Times online - 'it was populated by characters you could outline on the back of a postcard and still have plenty of room to write “Wish you were here!” in big letters.' Click on the red circle to read the full review

What possessed Benidorm Council to allow this not only to be filmed there, but to allow the series to actually be called Benidorm? It can't be good for the resort's image.. we are going to try and find out, watch this space.

Benidorm may not be everybody's cup of tea, but to ridicule it in this way is just shabbily. There's a whole lot more to this thriving resort by the sea as you will find out if you click here. We have a long feature about the City that is well worth a read.

Things are really looking up for Cinema lovers who don't have enough Spanish to sit through a film in Castellano.

The small independent art-house cinemas Babel and Albatros have always been great for original version (VO) films, but they rarely show the blockbusters.

We ran a petition a few years ago to get Kinepolis at Heron City to show some films each week in VO. We actually won, but it was very short lived. They claimed that nobody came, but they didn't advertise the films and if you phoned, none of the staff new when they were on, so they shelved the idea.

Now the excellent UGC Cine Cite at Espai in Campanar are showing VO (they call it VOS) films. This coming week no less than seven of them, Running with Scissors, Marie Antoinette, Stranger than Fiction, Babel, The Queen, Bobby and Apocalypto.

For more info on Cinema in english in Valencia go here


Still on the subject of Movies, or more specifically Movie Trailers, there's a new bit of fun going around on Youtube - namely Mash up's - People are re-editing footage from films to make trailers that completely change the genre of the original film, to sometimes hilarious results. Our current favourites are Scary Mary and Must Love Jaws but there are tons of others for your enjoyment including Shining and Titanic recut. Have Fun - let us know if you find any other classics here

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