Thank you for contacting thisisvalencia. We are happy to take your booking for our fab La Tomatina Tour, which this year is on Wednesday 31st August. We at have always been very proud of the fantastic tour we organise to La Tomatina, this will be our eleventh year.

As you are probably aware the rules for La Tomatina have changed considerably.. No-one can enter without a ticket (the Buñol town hall, who organise and host La Tomatina, calls this charge a tax) And ONLY 20, 000 people will get in.

We have made sure that by booking with us you will be guaranteed entrance with an official entry wristband issued by Buñol Town hall - (which we will give you). So you'll be able to get into the centre of the action hassle free!

Our Brilliant La Tomatina tour includes:-

tomato A fun pre-tour meet-up the night before in Valencia.

tomato1 Early morning coach to Buñol with the nicest English-speaking tour leaders you are likely to meet.

tomato2 Secure storage for the day for all your belongings.

tomato3 Wristband for entry La Tomatina.

tomato4 An al fresco lunch which includes traditional Valencian lunch with lots of booze!

tomato5 Post-fight showers at the lunch venue, a swim and chill-time.

tomato6 A chance to get to know like-minded fellow revellers.

tomato7 Souvenir T-shirt and goggles,

tomato8 The price for our whole day fun packed tour is 95€.

Let me know how many people are in your party and I will send you a PayPal request for 95€ per person
( 10€ non-refundable entrance fee charged by the council of Bunol.) 

We need all the names in your party at the time of booking, and to secure easy entry on the day, we need your passport details, full names, date of birth, country of origin and expiry date. (This will give you the freedom to walk straight in and no queuing to register on the day, we take care of all that for you!)
Please remember
, we don't take any under 18 year-olds on our tour.

We will also need teeshirt sizes, where you are staying, and if anyone in your party is vegetarian.

Please fill in the attached pdf and return with your booking request!

Don't forget we are the experts on where to stay, what to do, where to eat etc! If you want help, ask!

We look forward to securing your booking!



tomato10Official La Tomatina Tour 2016

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The English Experts on this Very Spanish City

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