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Edited by Anita Darling and Lolita Devine.

Hello and welcome to the Woman Section, featuring articles and diaries from our top lady columnists Anita Darling, Lolita Devine and Annie Opie, on fashion, life, the universe, men, shoes, work, and more from the point of view of female residents of this fabulous City. All three are English natives but have been living and working in Valencia for more than a few years now, and most of the time feel more Valencian than not. Which can be quite confusing for the poor loves. You can contact all three of them for any questions you may have on their columns or general woman-y things like shopping and partying and getting pampered, or even to suggest something you think they might like, at the following addresses- they will be happy to get back to you ASAP.

Barbara O'Neill has her regular column here, this latest describes her move, among other things!
Then there's our very own Anita Darling's column, she's been a little bit quiet of late but assures us she'll be back in the saddle soon.
Diary of a bi-lingual waitress, follows the antics of Annie Opie. We hope hope you enjoy! Annie is currently back in the UK and we're hoping to get a bit of a diary from her soon. and finally read Lolita Devine's experience in making cocktails - expect a lot more from the two of them soon.

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